Our team of business, finance and accounting professionals are specialists in their fields

At Merlin, we have the experience to help you forward your business goals both large and small

Peter French

Role – Director

An experienced Corporate Finance Professional and Non-Executive Board Member  – specialising in deal management and delivery –  growing entrepreneurial businesses – finance raising – supporting distressed and challenged situations .

Sense of achievement  ‘Completing a Life Changing success for a client’

Motto ‘Never never never give up ‘


Jason Seagrave 

Role – Director

A highly skilled professional helping clients to transform their business – Jason specialises in financial modelling and board advisory

Greatest Achievement: Being told we’re not like other accountants

Motto  ‘Do or do not ,there is no try ‘


Philip McCauley

Role – Consultant

A serial entrepreneur with several successful exits and a NYSE listing to his credit .

He brings a wealth of experience and strategic thinking to any business situation and opportunity

Motto ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’


Laura O’Connor

Role – Business Support

An experienced and committed to efficient business management and client support

Greatest Achievement: completing expeditions to China and Iceland

Motto ‘carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward safe in the knowledge that someone will one day do the same for you’