In this article Peter French, Director of Merlin Corporate Finance explores the top 5 areas you need to consider when creating a pitch for potential investment. If you’re looking for someone to feel confident in you and your business, you need to make sure you address these 5 points to be successful in your investment efforts.

1) People – great ideas are essential, but without the team who have the skills, experience of the sector and not forgetting personality to put words into action, your idea is just an idea. Do you have the team to do this? If you do, remember to highlight this in your pitch. You need to build confidence in your potential investors. Investors are not only buying into an idea, but they are also investing in the people.

2) Market – know the market that you are in from top to bottom- geography – competition- your edge – above all the size of the market and its growth potential – £1billion is the starter value to create investor interest .

3) Numbers- know your numbers / metrics — without being able to demonstrate that your business has a good track record or credible/ excellent financial growth investors will not have confidence in your pitch . Any presentation must show the ability of the management to take the business forward and create substantial increase in value for the shareholders. Finance raising is not a ‘ one off’ exercise in a growing business, but one that is part of the recurrent management process.

4) Company, products and services– the word ‘unique’ is often heard in presentations- please only say that if it is true and that you can prove it. What really are your unique selling points? Admittedly, it is extremely important to have features of differentiation and if there is IPR then that can significantly enhance the potential value of the business .

5) Business plan / model – originality meeting market opportunity and a plan executed by a well managed and experienced team are key elements to success and attracting investors whether they are Business Angels or Venture Capitalists .

How can we help you?
Merlin Corporate Finance can work with you to navigate through the business environment and win the success you and your team are seeking. We can help you set objectives that improves your company’s valuation and make investors happy!

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